New Leaf Metropolitan Landscaping offers comprehensive landscape design services.  Our rendering services allow our clients visual access to the final product before committing to an installation.  We provide renders from mulitiple viewpoints, plant references and site plans.  From concept to installation our renders ensure that designer, contractor and client all share the same vision.
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To view our Design gallery click here.




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To visit our Residential Gallery click here...

  We will keep your garden healthy and beautiful all year long with our maintenance services.  While keeping the garden tidy and in proper scale we will keep it feeling fresh with seasonal flowering annuals.  Schedule a consultation so that we can create a maintenance plan that will best suit the needs of your garden.  




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In addition to our professional landscape services, we provide a host of other contracting services to suit the projects needs.  We have a trusted group of other contractors that we have worked with for many years including masons, carpenters, iron workers and painters.  We try to be the one stop shopping for all of your gardens needs.


  New Leaf Metropolitan Landscaping providescomprehensive landscape services to public, private and residential outdoor spaces in New York City.Our design, installation and maintenance services can transform your space from paper to planting and provide the care to keep it beautiful and healthy.



With an emphasis on quality, all of our plant material is hand picked to provide the client with the best product possible.  Our choice of fertilizers and soil amendments provide for a healthy start to their life in your garden.


Our foremen and onsite staff have experience with gardening in New York City. Our design services and comprehensive plans ensure installation is done true to the proposed vision.






Irrigation is critical to the health of a garden.  Plants thrive when their water requirements are met consistently.  Specializing in micro irrigation for container gardening we have a discreet solution for your gardens needs.

Low voltage lighting is the perfect compliment to a city garden.  The right fixtures can highlight your garden at night, so you literally see your garden in a whole new light.